Lifebuoys & Life Saving Equipment

Ocean Safety SOLAS approved Lifebuoy Light

A tough orange SOLAS approved lifebuoy light with a clear polycarbonate lens. With a fixed light, O ring seal and a rigid D cell battery holder. Automatic operation via a non-mercury tilt switch, and supplied complete with a lanyard for attaching to your lifebuoy.

Daniamant Apollo SOLAS LED Lifebuoy Light

Designed to be a tamperproof, impact and corrosion resistant. The robust Apollo SOLAS Lifebuoy Light is specifically designed to meet the demanding MED/SOLAS and USCG standards.

The Apollo SOLAS Lifebuoy Light has sealed battery that cannot be removed or expended accidentally, nor can they be activated unless removed from the container. The battery has a 5-year storage life, and is non hazardous for international shipping.

  • SOLAS/MED Approved
  • Minimum 2cd Output
  • Minimum 2hr Operation
  • Supplied complete with bracket & 1m Lifebuoy Lanyard
  • 76 metres drop Tested
  • Advanced LED Technology
  • 5-Year Battery life - Fit and forget
  • Non Hazardous Battery: Exempt from Class 9 transport requirement

Ikaros Solas MOB MKIII Light & Smoke Marker Signal

A combined day & night use Smoke and Light Marker Signal primarily designed for use aboard commercial vessels to be mounted in conjunction with a SOLAS approved lifebuoy ring. Supplied complete with mounting bracket.


  • Light Duration: 2 hrs continuous
  • Light Intensity: 2cd
  • Battery: Sealed Lithium
  • Smoke Duration: 15mins
  • Max Diameter: 200mm
  • Max Length (in Bracket): 500mm
    Weight: 4.7kg
  • Approvals: SOLAS 74/98

Losing a member of crew overboard is a serious incident. Every skipper should have plans and procedures in place to deal with this emergency. Apparatus that enables the swimmer to remain afloat, equipment to assist you in making contact with the MOB, and a means of recovering the person from the water should all be considered.

Ocean Safety Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set - with Reflective Tapes

The Ocean Safety Supersoft Horseshoe Lifebuoy Set incorporates a NEW durable and flexible horseshoe lifebuoy that easily flexes and bends ensuring that even the largest crewmembers will have no difficulty in slipping it around their torso.

With 6mm safety lines and a high visibility zip on cover this horseshoe lifebuoy set comes complete with an aluminium rail mounting bracket and a flashing SOLAS approved lifebuoy light.

Lifebuoy Light Rail Mounting Clip

A rail mounting bracket designed to securely hold a standard Lifebuoy Light.

Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe Lifebuoy & Light (Hard Case)

The NEW Jonbuoy Inflatable Throwing Horseshoe Lifebuoy is a direct replacement for the traditional bulky foam horseshoes.

Specifically designed to aid the quick and easy recovery of a water borne casualty.

In an emergency, simply open the container tube and pull out the horseshoe pouch.

The pouch's weight allows an accurate throw to a casualty up to 20 metres away and upon contact with the water the horseshoe automatically inflates providing reassuring buoyancy and and easily identifiable marker for the vessel to return to.

The bright yellow horseshoe has been constructed to provide superior buoyancy utilising a large 38g cylinder, and comes complete with retro reflective tape and and automatically activated lifebuoy light to comply with the ORC special regulations.

Feature list

  • Buoyancy of 140N
  • Highly visible neon fabric
  • Water activated automatic inflation
  • Re-arm and re-pack available
  • Increased deployment range
  • Lightweight
  • Whistle
  • Retro reflective tape
  • 38g cylinder
  • Sea drogue
  • Automatic light
  • Oral top up tube

Hard Casing Measurements:

  • Length 28cm
  • Diameter 12cm
  • Weight 1.33kg

Life Buoy Ring 24 Inch

Designed for pleasure boats, pool-side and inland waterways applications, these high quality life buoy rings feature a bright orange cross linked polyethylene outer shell that will not rot or mould and is unaffected by extreme weather or prolonged outdoor exposure.

Fitted as standard with lifebuoy grab lines.

Available in two versions, one WITHOUT Reflective Tapes, and one WITH Reflective Tapes.

Outer Dimensions: 57cm (24 inch)
Inner Dimensions: 35cm (14 inch)
Weight: 1.4kg

4kg SOLAS Life Buoy Ring 30 Inch (74cm)

Designed for commercial applications, these high quality life buoy rings feature a bright orange cross linked polyethylene outer shell that will not rot or mould and is unaffected by extreme weather or prolonged outdoor exposure.

These 4kg models are designed to be used in conjunction with SOLAS approved MOB Smoke & Light Markers, and the extra weight ensures that the MOB Smoke & Light Marker is pulled from its bracket once the lifebuoy is thrown over the side of the vessel.

Fully SOLAS / Ships Wheel approved and fitted as standard with 4 x SOLAS all-round Retro Reflective tapes and lifebuoy grab lines.

Outer Dimensions: 745mm (30 inch)
Inner Dimensions: 435mm (17 inch)
Weight: 4kg

Orange 8mm Floating Life Buoy Rope 30m

A 30m length of 8mm orange polypropylene floating lifebuoy line suitable for attachment to SOLAS lifebuoys and life rings. Its rugged construction makes it suite for prolonged storage outside in all weathers

Orange 8mm Floating Life Buoy Rope 150ft (50m)

A 50m Reel of high quality rot-proof 8mm diameter commercial floating life buoy rope.

Lifeguard Rescue Can (Float)

A professional foam filled lifeguard Rescue Can (Float) complete with Grab Handles and an over the shoulder strap with 2.5m line.

Can Dimensions:

Length: 68cm, Width, 24cm, Thickness 14cm
Weight: 2kg