Fireproof Safes & Storage

Document Protection

These metal cabinets are perfect for storing important documents such as fire safety log books, accident report books and other fire and health and safety documentation.

Product Code HSFMDCR
Weight 50.49kg

Flammable Liquid Cabinets

Flammable liquid cabinets are designed for the safe storage of flammable liquids, chemicals and other hazardous and flammable substances

Dimensions (HxWxD) Double Door Size 1: 712x915x459mm
Double Door Size 2: 915x915x459mm
Double Door Size 3: 1830x915x459mm
Shelves Double Door Size 1: 1
Double Door Size 2: 1
Double Door Size 3: 3

COSHH Storage Cabinets

A range of COSHH cabinets for the safe storage and segregation of substances that are labeled as being hazardous to health, for example "Toxic" or "Irritant". The cabinets are of a welded construction from 0.9mm thick steel with reinforced rebated door(s) and are secured by 3 way chrome lever locking handles. Each cabinet is fitted with an internal welded spillage tray(s) and lift out base spillage sump to prevent leakage

Dimensions (HxWxD) Single Door Size 2: 915x459x459mm
Single Door Size 1: 610x459x459mm
Shelves Single Door Size 1: 1
Single Door Size 2: 1

First Aid Storage Cabinets

First Aid storage cabinets are robustly designed for the safe storage of first aid equipment in the workplace. The cabinets are of welded construction from 0.9mm thick steel with adjustable shelves and reinforced rebated doors secured by a 3 way locking chrome handle. These cabinets are finished in white with a high quality powder coating and comply with Health & Safety regulations 1981

Dimensions (HxWxD) Single Door Size 1: 610x459x459mm
Single Door Size 2: 915x459x459mm
Shelves Single Door Size 2: 1
Single Door Size 1: 1

PPE Storage Cabinets

Personal Protective Equipment cabinets are designed to store PPE in a central, easily identifiable location. PPE Storage cabinets are constructed from 0.9mm steel to provide a robust steel cabinet to protect Personal Protective Equipment from damage, contamination or loss.

Dimensions (HxWxD) Single Door Size 2: 915x459x459mm
Single Door Size 1: 610x459x459mm
Shelves Single Door Size 1: 1
Single Door Size 2: 1

Security Safes

Home & Small Business Security Safes

Security Safe with Electronic Lock

Product Code PSSS0723
Weight 8.00kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) External: 250x350x250mm
Internal: 246x346x210mm
Capacity 18 litres
Battery Type 4 x AA

Large Business & Commercial Security Safes

Dimensions (HxWxD) External: 848x810x725mm
Internal: 695x660x480mm
Door Swing 740mm
Capacity 220 litres
Shelves One

High-Security Safes with Fire Protection

Product Code PSDS4643
Weight 490.00kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) External: 1535x745x720mm
Internal: 1130x465x420mm
Shelves One
Rollout Multimedia Trays Three
Capacity 221 litres
Door Swing 745mm

Fireproof Boxes and Chests

Fireproof boxes are designed to store documents such as passports, deeds, certificates, insurance policies and cash and protect them from fire in the home / caravans / boats / office or when you are on the move. Some of the fireproof boxes offer water resistance protection providing further safety for your valuables and a number of the boxes we stock offer sufficient heat protection for memory sticks and CDs (digital media).

Fire & Waterproof Box for Paper Protection (A4)

The H2100 fire and waterproof security chest from Sentry provides 30 minutes of fire protection for paper, CDs, DVDs, USB memory sticks and external hard drives at temperatures up to 840 °C. The chest is also ETL certified to provide 60 minutes of water protection.

  • 30 minutes fire protection at up to 840 °C
  • 60 minutes protection against water (ETL-Certified seals and lock)
  • UL certified
  • Suitable for CDs, DVDs, USB drives and memory sticks
  • Moulded recess for carrying
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 191x387x378mm
  • Capacity: 10.3 litres
  • Lifelong replacement warranty in the event of a fire

Fireproof Box for Paper, Digital and Data Tape Protection

The First Alert 2040 fire media chest offers an hour of fire protection. Suitable for storing CD's, DVD's, USB drives, floppy disks, memory sticks, backup tapes etc. and available with transportable wheels, the Honeywell 2040 is perfect for business and domestic use.

  • 60 minutes fire protection at up to 927°C
  • UL certified
  • Suitable for A4 documents, digital media and data tapes
  • Key lock - supplied with two keys as standard
  • Available with wheeled base for easy transportation
  • External Dimensions (HxWxD): 390x408x320mm
  • Capacity (approx):
    • 3.9 litres
    • 19 Standard Case CD's
    • 38 Jewel Case CD's
    • 46 DAT Tapes