Evacuation Equipment

Emergency Evacuation Sheet

Emergency Evacuation Sheets offer a cheap and simple solution to help the elderly and disabled evacuate the building in the event of a fire. We offer a choice of products from Hospital Aids, Thorpe Mill and Harvest Health Care which offer evacuation solutions for Divan, Profiling and Airflow mattresses.

The Harvest Healthcare evacuation sheet is an effective way of transporting non-mobile patients in emergency situations. This sheet is designed to be attached to the underside of the patients mattress at all times so when an evacuation is necessary the patient can be moved quickly, being lowered onto the floor and moved to safety. The silicone coating on the bottom of the sheet enables quick, controlled and accurate manoeuvrability.

  • Sheet's enable easy transportation of non-mobile people down flights of stairs
  • CE marked
  • Maximum carrying weight: 160kg
  • Sheets can be laundered
  • Fitted with 2 fastening straps to keep the patient secure during transit
  • Fastening straps stored in built-in pockets whilst not in evacuation mode
  • Only two people required to evacuate the patient
  • Fits any single bed using the adjustable fitting loops
  • Silicone coating for superior manoeuvrability
  • Inconspicuous fit to the underside of the mattress
  • Particularly suitable in hospitals and nursing homes

Emergency Evacuation Sledges

Wall mounted evacuation sledges offer a ideal solution for deployment through a wide range of buildings, suitable for narrow twisty corridors, where the evacuation mattresses are to wide and bulky.

This wall mounted evacuation sledge is a 50mm foam sledge that is stowed away in a storage bag ideal for locations such as nurses stations and residential care facilities. In the event of an evacuation the sledge is removed from its bag and the user is placed onto the sledge for quicker evacuation.

  • Allows patients to be moved without a mattress
  • Thick 50mm foam sledge
  • CE marked
  • Maximum carrying weight: 170KG
  • Fitted with 2 Safety belts to hold patient in place during evacuation
  • Includes foot pocket for patient security
  • Comes complete with wall mounted pouch for easy storage
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 2000 x 680 x 50mm

Emergency Evacuation Mattresses

A range of evacuation mattresses offer a combined emergency evacuation solution and mattress. In the event of a fire, the strapped are pulled from the mattress to hold the patient in place for a quick and easy deployment.

The Evacuation Mattress Sledge is an anti-pressure mattress and escape mattress all in one. In everyday use the sledge is installed and works as a pressure reducing mattress for the user, but with the functionality of an evacuation sledge should an emergency occur. The built-in straps allow the mattress to be slid off the bed frame with the user still laid down and easily manoeuvred down corridors using the anti-friction surface on the bottom of the sledge.

  • Patients don't need to be moved from the bed in the event of an evacuation
  • Includes buckles to hold patient securely in an evacuation situation
  • Two versions available
    • HTE004 - Divan bed mattress
    • HTE006 - Profiling bed mattress
  • Maximum carrying weight: 170KG
  • CE Marked